Infinity 2.0 UI

The following images are some of the work I did for Infinity 2.0
I was in charge of creating and implementing some of the UI elements, as well as porting the set Disney UI style to a touch friendly version.

The following images are screenshots of what is displayed on the gamepad. The majority of the UI elements were positioned using Flash or code driven.

Playset Status Screen

Unlike the Build Ribbon layout which I was able to work on from concept to final, the Playset Status Screen went through multiple iterations due to new features being added. Some of my responsibilities for this screen include (Layout, localization, playset specific icons)

Mission Log

Mission Log Details


Feats Details

Challenge Rank

Weapon Wheel

Defend or Die Status Screen

Defend or Die Trap Ribbon

Toy Box Build Ribbon

Some of the UI work I did for Disney Infinity 2.0 PC

More interactive samples are on the way. Waiting on release dates.

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