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Due to a recent request and for the sake of having an easier way of tracking Victim related postings. I'm going to post Victim related links, varying from reviews to play troughs of earlier builds that people have posted of Victim (There's nothing more gratifying than seeing how others interact with an environment you have created, and being able to learn from them).



By far one of my favorite play troughs ▲▲▲

Trailer!!! Thank you Andra


Using the image above I created Victim promo stickers for GDC
the QR code takes you to Victims IndieDB page.

Unfortunately Due to job searching and portfolio updating Victim has indeed become a victim of a slowed down production... Although don't be mislead by my statement above I am currently working on implementing some of the earlier core gameplay, as well as newer gameplay mechanics, and also focusing on the overall art style. I will continue to update this post once I find more links or videos that are now somewhere stored in old gchat logs.

On a side note if you are a Programmer, 3D Artist , or Concept Artist and would like to take part of Victim drop me a line. I'm always looking for qualified people to work with.

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